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It's hot in Texas and being stopped at a red light with a motor running underneath you just adds to the sweltering heat. There I was sitting at the intersection of a highway trying to will the light to turn green so I could get moving again. As an 18 wheeler goes by I feel the gust from the air that is pushed off of the truck and trailer going by at 60 mph and as I brace my footing BAM! My head is forcibly turned and my ears are ringing while I recover and try to figure out what just happened. Luckily I am still upright, I was always told I was hard headed, and as I look around I see two fist sized rocks; one at my feet and another still spinning next to the curb. When I got home and inspect the helmet I was surprised to see that there were just a couple scratches and nothing was cracked. Although there was only a little damage to the helmet I am glad I was wearing a full face that day or I may have lost a few teeth or ended up with a busted jaw. Out of any of the hazards we face on the road this is certainly not a scenario that I had thought about for sitting at a red light. It is not easy to “expect the unexpected” for everything but always try to give yourself the best chance. Ride safe out there!

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2 years ago

that would be one helluva way to get KOd!

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