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About Daytona Twin Tec Twin Cam Complete Kit

Daytona Twin Tec Twin Cam Complete Kit

  • Complete tuning and diagnostic solution
  • Includes Twin Scan II ABS for 01-14 models with J1850 data bus, Twin Scan 4 for 11-18 CAN data bus with 6-position DLC connector, WEGO IIID for tuning capability with both Twin Scan versions, and the Twin Scan 3 Probe Kit for use with the scopemeter feature of the Twin Scan
  • Communicates with ECM and BCM to read, then clear diagnostic trouble codes
  • Activates ABS solenoids for proper brake bleeding and testing
  • Ideal tuning aid for Screamin Eagle Pro Super Tuner (SEST), Dynojet Power Commander (PC) and Twin Tec Twin Tuner
  • Includes all features of the standard Twin Scan units
  • Real-time display of engine sensors along with built-in data logging with capability to store data for up to one hour
  • Included PC software analyzes logged data, then displays front and rear cylinder AFR with the required volumetric efficiency (VE) using the same RPM rows and TPS/ MAP columns used in the Super Tuner tables
  • Includes two analog inputs with 0-20V or 200V range as well as two channel oscilloscope capability for waveform display
  • Analog inputs can also be used for air/ flow ratio (AFR)
  • Requires use of a PC with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 for display
  • Includes two Bosch LSU 4. 2 wide-band oxygen sensors, two 18mm x 1. 5 weld nuts, two 18mm x 1. 5 hex socket plugs, USB cable, Twin Scan 3 probe kit and CD-ROM with software
  • Made in the U. S. A.
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