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About JE Pistons Ultra Series Piston Kits

JE Pistons Ultra Series Piston Kits

  • In-house forging has allowed JE to develop proprietary Aligned Grain Flow Technology forging technology that directs the grain flow of the aluminum to flow around critical areas of the piston, increasing strength
  • Lateral gas ports channel combustion gases to the back of the top ring groove, which adds pressure behind the compression ring to keep it pushed against the cylinder, providing improved and more consistent ring seal, critical in boosted applications
  • Ultra-thick ring lands aid in maintaining ring stability in forced induction and high-horsepower N/A engines, contributing to consistent ring seal and consistent power
  • Thermal Barrier Crown Coating ‚Äì a ceramic coating on the piston crown ‚Äì greatly reduces heat transfer into the piston material, decreasing fatigue and improving longevity
  • Tuff Skirt ‚Äì a proprietary, moly-based dry film skirt coating is applied in-house and reduces operating friction for better wear resistance
  • Accumulator groove provides additional volume to trap unwanted gases below the top ring to keep pressure low and ring seal and performance high
  • Double pin oilers ‚Äì two oil channels feed into the pin bore to maintain proper lubrication to improve wrist pin and pin bore wear resistance
  • Includes upgraded 9310 wrist pins: stronger, thicker wrist pin material is designed to withstand additional loads of forced induction applications
  • Sold as a complete kit with all necessary pistons, rings, wrist pins and wire locks under one part number.
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