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About Lectron Billetron 38mm 2-Stroke Carburetors

Lectron Billetron 38mm 2-Stroke Carburetors

  • The Billetron 38 2-Stroke Carburetors are designed specifically to improve ease of tuning, consistency, and performance.
  • New features over previous 38 H-Series Carburetors
  • Significantly more bottom end hit
  • Significantly improved throttle response
  • Faster power jet activation
  • New slide design and metering rod location improves idle
  • Finer idle adjustment; much finer threads on screw
  • Billet construction
  • Metric hardware
  • Shorter overall length; 78mm and 90mm
  • Shorter overall height
  • New top cover design with two screws and locating tabs
  • Gasketed body halves with dowel pins vs. sealant
  • New bore design
  • New bell design
  • New choke design
  • New float system
  • New high flow, sprung needle seat valve
  • New bowl material; clear with more impact resistant
  • New metering rod adjustment mechanism; 1/8th turn increments
  • Bowl drain with integrated g-force kit
  • H-Style slide; aluminum now vs. Zinc previously
  • Horizontal power jet screw that is adjustable by hand
  • Power jet barb relocated
  • Relocation of carburetor vents with 4 lines
  • OEM throttle cable compatibility for most two stroke applications
  • Current Lectron cables will work with Billetron carburetors; contact manufacturer with any issues.
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