Michelin Tires

Road 5 Front Tire


$218.95 - $239.95

$170.95 - $186.95

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About Michelin Tires Road 5 Front Tire

Michelin Tires Road 5 Front Tire

  • Improved dry grip and stability provided by Michelins patented ACT+ casing technology for more riding pleasure without sacrificing mileage
  • Excellent wet-weather performance with our revolutionary patented MICHELIN XST Evo water drop sipes, which grow wider mile after mile
  • Blackwall
  • Tubeless (TL)
  • (W)-rated for speeds of 168+mph
  • The use of the tire and other vehicle data and information accessible through this webpage is limited to persons located in the United States of America and Canada. ALTHOUGH THE DATA IS BELIEVED TO BE ACCURATE, NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE IS MADE REGARDING THE QUALITY OR ACCURACY OF THE DATA. All data should be verified by a tire professional, the vehicle placard (typically located on frame), and/or the vehicle owners manual.
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