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Whether you simply want to switch on sales from across the network or you want ALL the dials and buttons to fine-tune your inventory...
choose the option that's right for your store.

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Direct Sales to you from Brands


Join today and you can always upgrade to Factory later

  • Your inventory searchable across all network brand websites —
  • All your inventory searchable on puremoto.com/part-finder
  • Automatic inventory updates
  • Consumers searching across the network can reserve to pickup in your store, call you directly or get driving directions
  • Reporting: See how many times your inventory appears across the network by brand, product and SKUs


Analyze & Optimize Your Inventory


Everything in Competitor plus:

  • See your Inventory turns by supplier, brand and category (updated daily)
  • Identify and act on your missed opportunties in top 100 most popular products by supplier, brand, and/or category
  • Quickly identify and act on your slow moving inventory (SMI) by brand, product and SKU
  • See changes in your inventory trended over time
  • Comparison report between your performance and that of the market
  • Sharable secure reports to help you optimize inventory with your brand and distributor reps.

Now available to motorcycle retailers on Lightspeed EVO/NTX in the US or Canada

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